The Web of Fear returns to a Web Planet


I don’t usually post my media industry columns here as they may not be of wider interest. However my October column for Mediatel’s Newsline coincided with momentous news – the return of two Doctor Who stories that were wiped by the BBC in the early 1970s.

Whilst the fan in me is jubilant at their near miraculous return,  this article looks at the wider implications. How did they come to be destroyed?  As they return in an Internet era  – a Web Planet – in which TV content is far more valued, how is the BBC best placed to make the most of them from a commercial perspective? You can read it here. Also recommended are these lovely Radio Times movie posters for the stories.

Meanwhile for a great transcript of what it was like to listen to the stories before they were resurrected check out the wonderful  ‘Adventures with the Wife in Space’

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