Three new paintings for May


I recently finished off three paintings I have been working on, with varying degrees of success. All are in oils as I continue to get to grips with it as a medium – it’s now seven months since I took up oil painting.

I have put them in descending order of success, at least from my perspective. Click on them for a closer look. The first and most recent – finished yesterday – is inspired by a scene in The Wire, when McNulty visits a crime scene at what will become ‘Hamsterdam’. It’s a fairly large work, oil on a stretched canvas.


Hamsterdam 2


Hopefully it is obviously police tape and not someone attacking the painting with a yellow brush. Talking of yellow, the second is of some flowers. I have tried flowers in acrylics before – see an earlier blog – but not in oils. I have to say that, as a colour, yellow is really tricky in oils – all runny and transparent. In the end I had to build it up in layers, almost impasto. If I do any more flower paintings they will not be yellow ones…


Yellow flowers 1


Finally and least successfully, I tried to do a painting of Chelsea celebrating winning the Europa League trophy. I wanted to make it fairly generic – i.e. it could be any team, but to get across the feeling of joy and celebration. It was done as an art course project where we were only allowed to use three colours, which whilst stretching did become a pain towards the end. The three colours were blue, yellow ochre and grey. I like the composition, but the faces look a bit like Jim Henson puppets. I almost didn’t post this one, but I did say when starting this blog I would post everything, warts and all…


Chelsea Europa




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