The Pleasure Principle – Number Two



We are approaching the final few fences and many artists have fallen, but surprisingly Take That are still up for grabs so I am nabbing ‘ Kidz’. It was a toss up between this and Shine – both with Mark Owen on lead vocals.  It was released before the summer riots of 2011. Performing it with dancers dressed in riot gear at the Brits that Spring clearly stirred the ‘Kidz’ to political action (as opposed to a desire to nab some wide screen tellies) – take that Public Enemy!

I guess my one-two sucker punch of Collins and Barlow may well mean the other two have left this thread in disgust by now, but check below just in case. If I am last man standing I claim my prize…


6 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number Two

  1. You are a very sick man and need help; fortunately help is at hand. My number 2 is…….

    Of all the tracks posted so far, I’m pretty sure this is the only one that is in the Guiness Book of Records. More innovation, attitude and intelligence in 2 seconds than Take That managed in an entire career – love the drummer counting the song in ! With 1.3m views of the official ‘video’, hardly a minority interest either. This is the extended, ambient version

    1. I certainly like parts of the Napalm Death track – the intro is quite good and the middle eight(h) owes a lot to Dave Gilmour. However towards the end it doesn’t really go anywhere so eventually grinds to a halt.

      By the way perhaps my posts on this should carry the following health warning “…the posting of these individual tracks in no way constitutes an endorsement of their entire career, or indeed of any other track than this one. The enjoyment of your listening may go up or down, please consult an independent musical adviser.”

  2. Well, those two certainly come from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, don’t they? As for my choice, it features the rhythm section of one of the most influential American bands of the last 40 years. Initially thought of as bit of a novelty hit, they went on to produce a couple of fine albums, whilst waiting for the band’s leader to stop playing about with Brian Eno. However, it was this particular track which first impressed me as I eagerly awaited taping it from the Top 40. It sounds like it features a typewriter, which is not something you hear of these days, but I might be wrong. Anyway, here’s a live version from a couple of years ago…

  3. Lacks the complexity and groove of ‘You Suffer’ but still a fine tune. I fully expect Richard’s number 1 to be ABBA but I’m hoping you’re going to hold out Andy !

  4. Well I have no doubt that amongst our readers (I may be presumptive in assuming a plural actually) breathless speculation about our number ones will be even more exciting than what the Doctor’s name is. However at the risk of Spoilers, no, it’s not Abba and, as I go first, no one can stop me now (maniacal laugh).

    I dont see Abba as qualifying in any way for this list as everyone loves them and all their tracks are great* However had it been Abba this is what it would have been:

    * well, apart from Fernando, I Have A Dream, Chiquitita and One Of Us

  5. There’s eclecticism, then there’s just being silly. Everybody knows that the only ABBA song of any worth was this magnificent cover version by another (but very different) bunch of Swedes.

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