The Pleasure Principle – Number 3



So I have now largely rewritten my own personal history to pretend that I only ever liked Gabriel- era Genesis and that my interest in the band ended in 1975.

In reality I got every album from Trick Of The Tail through to Invisible Touch and only in hindsight did I realise the superiority of the Gabriel era.

I certainly wouldn’t include any ‘Early Genesis’ in this list as that is far from a ‘guilty’ pleasure. However 80s Genesis are not looked back on with fondness by many outside their fan base and the anticipated horrified reaction from Roy probably means they do qualify.

This track is a bizarre one to have as their biggest UK hit , reaching Number 4 in 1983. Perhaps it was because they did sound like they were absorbing what was going on around them, combining ethereal Numan Synths with a lolloping drum machine and, at one point, what sounds like a drum kit falling down a flight of stairs. Meanwhile Phil Collins seems to preempt Dexter by 30 years with his serial killer orange boiler suit and manic ‘Ha Ha Hehhh Urghhh’ chuckle at 2:15 in the video.Perhaps they had been studying Infected by The The.

Stranger things have happened. But not many….


3 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 3

  1. In the immortal words of Noel Gallagher “Phil Collins ? I’m not having that” Shame on you for posting such a truly disturbing image – although the thought of Phil Collins incarcerated in Guantanamo is significantly less disturbing.
    After briefly toying with posting ‘Shock The Monkey’ in response…. my number 3 is….

    A little known fact that Roger Taylor and I went to the same school, albeit he a few years ahead of me, reason enough to post a Queen tune. Another reason to post is that at the time, this was a widely derided tune by Queen ‘fans’, critics and indeed other members of Queen who didn’t share Freddie’s Village People fixation. The fact that direct lineage can be established between this and ‘Supermmassive Black Hole’ is the clincher.

  2. Collins-era Genesis and Queen’s entire career are two things I have very little time for. Having said that, Mama does represent something of a departure for them, whilst the bass line from Another One… is very infectious, so I guess that means I begrudgingly approve.

    As for my choice, I’m very conscious that many of these suggestions have come from a bygone era, and possibly from a time when it’s easy to look through rose-tinted spectacles. So, in an attempt to redress the balance somewhat, I’ve chosen something from the last couple of years which, although far from my usual thing, never fails to provide great entertainment whenever it pops up on my mp3 player. Plus, the fact it contains whistling elevates it even further in my eyes.

  3. I had heard the Edward Sharpe song a few times and the forgotten all about it. Very pleasant. Meanwhile I was forced to pick a Queen song it would indeed be that one.

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