The Pleasure Principle – Number 4


FrankAnyone who knows me well knew that Frank would make an appearance at some point. I could have gone for some swinging Sinatra but I always find this song totally chilling, as if the world stops for four minutes to reflect…

The song also features as the opening montage for the second season opener of The Sopranos and was adapted by Homer Simpson as the iconic ‘It was A Very Good Beer‘…


3 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 4

  1. The great strength of an exercise such as this is the wonderfully-eclectic group of songs that give us pleasure. So, from an absolute legend of music in Frank Sinatra to my choice for today. She may not have the voice of ‘Ol Blue Eyes, but every time I hear this it puts a smile on my face. Perhaps it’s the way she rhymes Tesco with al fresco, or maybe it’s just the cheery way it meanders along, particularly in this low-budget but effective video. The sun is in the sky, oh why oh why, would I want to be anywhere else? You can’t argue with logic like that…

  2. I love this song and you have revenge for my Girls Aloud pre-emption as ‘The Fear’ was about to be my number 3, so I will have to revise that one. Actually the first time I heard it was on the Royle Family, so I can always imagine Dave singing over the top whenever I hear it..

  3. You can’t beat a bit of a Frank and this is probably my favourite bit of Frank, doubly so because of its use in The Sopranos – that said I had ‘New York, New York’ lined up so have had to hastily revise. Don’t get me started on Lily Allen.

    My number 4 is….

    Three reasons why this is so great:
    1. The intro – later purloined by The Damned as the intro for New Rose, the first ever Punk single
    2. The backing vocals both as another ‘instrument’ in their own right as well as narrative to the story – turning the song into a mini soap opera
    3. Motorbike noises – not enough of these on records in my opinion

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