The Pleasure Principle – Number 6

deacon-blue-01My number 6 is ‘Loaded’. No, not that one…

I have been studiously avoiding the Eighties so far, but after Andy bravely posted Careless Whisper yesterday I am diving in. I Loved Deacon Blue at the time and played the first two albums to death on my walkman. Then  Madchester came along and I forgot all about them for 20 years. However I recently dug out the first album, Raintown, and was actually pretty impressed.

Loaded was was released in 87 before they hit the big time – just 12,354 hits on youtube compared to 1,539, 890 for Real Gone Kid, but I just love the video – its the very essence of the Eighties: the clothes, the band unselfconsciously enjoying making a pop video (just look at the screenshot below) and in particularly the shots of Eighties London minus the many newer landmarks, skyscrapers and riverfront buildings of the last 25 years. A London I had forgotten all about. I bet you can’t watch it without smiling. And the song is rather lovely as well….


4 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 6

  1. After yesterday’s splurge on US kids TV themes, staying very firmly in the 80’s,my number 6 is….

    I wonder if she ever imagined herself as presenting a celebrity Gardening programme in later life. Apart from a great power pop tune, the bleached hair and stripey t-shirt look that was amongst the most copied images of the 80’s, this tune spawned one of the all time great cover versions

  2. Two great choices today. I still enjoy listening (occasionally) to those first two Deacon Blue albums, and I still remember the pleasure of hearing Kids in America on a coach to a school trip somewhere or other. And now for my own slice of 80’s pop. They may not have done anything other than this, but who cares, because this piece of sugary pop provides more pleasure than you can possibly handle on a wet Sunday afternoon. Let the horns begin…

  3. Definitely the most poppy day so far – perhaps because it’s a Sunday and we are all chilled out.

    I was a big Kim Wilde fan – although this was always my favourite one, which I always thought had a bit of a nod towards The Cure…

  4. I’d forgotten all about that Strawberry Switchblade tune, that look could only have happened in the 80’s. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even heard that Kim Wilde song which definitely has a nod to The Cure. A very ‘pop’ day indeed, we’ll have to do something about that tomorrow !

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