The Pleasure Principle – Number 7


For my choice today I am sticking with manufactured pop groups but I’m heading back to the 60s for the first time to The Monkees.

I have to say that I always preferred the Monkees to The Beatles. I know that’s like saying you prefer Cadbury’s Smash to real potato mash (which I also did as a kid) , but I guess I was just too young for The Beatles to mean anything to me other than being a band you hear so much they are just ‘there’, whereas the Monkees had their own show on Saturday mornings replayed in the 70s – the intersection of rock music and television!  Arguably they were the first band I can ever remember being a fan of, aged around six. See also Banana Splits,  a formative Saturday morning influence!

Over to Andy and Roy below for their choices…


5 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 7

  1. Along with ‘Stepping Stone’ my favourite Monkees tune. You’ve teed up my next choice perfectly.
    My Number 7 is…

    Children’s cult tv theme, speeded up to punk velocity and the single available in banana yellow vinyl – what more could you want ! Far from just being a comedy punk band, The Dickies released a very fine album (on blue vinyl naturally) ‘Dawn of The Dickies’ chock full of punk-pop mini classics.

    1. That was almost on my list as well. It cropped up on the soundtrack of Kick Ass a couple of years ago, but this version I better, I think I have it on vinyl somewhere. For me it goes in a pair with Splogenessabounds ‘Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please’

  2. As a kid – I also prefered these guys over the beatles for a time (thank you for writing this post so I could admit that and move on with my life)…it was that cool show they had and they were always happy.

  3. Of course, Pleasant Valley Sunday is also covered by the Wedding Present, so it gets my vote too, as does the Banana Splits theme. And now for something completely different…

    Right, I’m off to an 80’s night at my golf club, so it’s time to dig out that “Choose Life” T-shirt, and you think I’m joking!

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