The Pleasure Principle – Number 8

Girls+Aloud+BiologyAfter my Earth Wind & Fire submission fell on deaf ears, I thought long and hard about whether to even post this one, but I am sticking to my guns. Here goes…

Girls Aloud – Biology. This is an incredible song in terms of structure. There are many reasons why it shouldn’t fly. It’s a musical bumblebee:

It comes across as a mash up of three completely different unreleased songs squeezed into a track only 3:42 long in the first place. The first 30 seconds is a glam rock stomp, then into a Pet Shop Boys-type bridging section building to the heart of the song at 1:34 when it turns into bubblegum pop. The chorus doesn’t turn up until 2:00 then, just as you think you have figured it out , 30 seconds later we are back to the glam rock again. Make your minds up!!

It shouldn’t work,  but  writers Xenomania know exactly what they are doing and at 1:34 it all falls into place perfectly. On second listening the penny drops – it’s not a bumblebee but a musical Russian doll and the video cleverly underscores this by switching the set and the clothing as the track flips back and forth between the three ‘sub-songs’. It’s manufactured pop for sure, but does that really matter? So were early Tamla Mowtown, Phil Spector and ZTT.

Anyway over to Roy and Andy below for their choices…

6 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 8

  1. Damn! I had “The Sound of the Underground” all lined up and ready to go as my number 8 choice, but as we’re endeavouring to have different artists I’ve had to go back to the drawing board. In that case, let’s go from the sublime to the ridiculous, with a bit of mid-80’s glam/synthpop. I saw this lot at Essex Uni, just as the hype-machine was hitting top gear. Of course, they were massively over-rated but, when I think back to staring eyeball-to-eyeball with Martin Degville, this never fails to put a smile on my face. Naturally, I give you the uncensored version…

    1. I actually really like this, but it was downhill from that point. Reminds me of one my favourite starts to a Rick interview ever, when the wonderful Muriel Gray asks them on The Tube ‘Boys, you’ve been doing very well so far, why go and spoil it all by making a record?

  2. You’ve kept that quiet over the years ! Its a bit like not admitting to being a Tory supporter in opinion polls but voting for them when the election comes around. Now if you’d have gone for ‘Sound Of The Underground’ that would have been a whole different pot pourri of pop guilt.
    My number 8 is:

    Its long forgotten that although they became much reviled by critics – rightly so for a string of insipid singles, ridiculously white teeth and the henious crime of tying chunky jumpers around necks – they were originally championed by John Peel on the back of this wonderfully infectious punk-funk tune. If it was good enpough for Peely…

    1. I remember getting both this and Tears Are Not Enough by ABC which is remarkably similar as a first single in terms of choppy guitars and chippy horns, however after that they diverged into chunky jumpers and lounge suits respectively.

  3. Double damn! I had this lined up for a couple of days time. Interesting how much overlap is occurring. Obviously I am in total agreement about it’s great appeal. Incidentally, it appeared on Radcliffe and Maconie’s musically-themed “Chain” feature yesterday, thus confirming its lofty status.

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