The Pleasure Principle – Number 9

Earth+Wind++FireSo we are off and running with some fine choices from Andy and Roy yesterday. Remember our ten day mission is:

 “..ten tracks that just make us smile, that we love even though they may not be trendy, or fit in with what we normally like. The only criterion is that they give us pleasure,  music that appeals to the ‘id’ rather than the ego.”

Today I am still stuck in the 70s, but moving forward four years to 1978. With Daft Punk hopefully safely installed at number one for the rest of the summer, what better way to celebrate summery disco than Earth Wind & Fire. Arguably their holy trinity of hits comprises Let’s Groove, September and Boogie Wonderland. I have gone for September but it was a very close call.

Tomorrow, on to the 21st Century I promise, but for now: horn sections, flares, early Quantel™ special effects and disco guitars. Perfection.


6 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle – Number 9

  1. Moving swiftly on…….my Number 9

    An american teenage girl dressed in studded leather playing a guitar – for a 9 year old provincial boy, pre-Punk, this is about as dangerous and exotic as it got.

      1. I must admit that I have to agree with Roy on this one – EW & F don’t do a great deal for me, but Suzi Quatro on the other hand, well, let’s not go there!

        Right, for my next selection, we go back to 1982 and one of several hits from the album “Tropical Gangsters”. I give you KC & his cuddly coconuts…

  2. Another excellent choice, I really need to deliver tomorrow, it seems. I stand by my EWF choice however. I actually did see Kid Creole & The Coconuts live at the Hammersmith Odeon on the Tropical Gangsters tour back in 82

  3. I had both this and Kylie in my original ruminations but in the interests of diversity I’ve now substituted them !

  4. I think we should also aim for 30 different artists as well if possible, but that could be more of a challenge. The more I look at the Suzy Quatro clip, particularly her and the drummer, the more I can see The White Stripes in reverse. Shame they are not around to cover it.

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