Manhattan Skyline: a river of brake lights on Sixth


This oil painting, which I finished last weekend, is of the view from the 20th floor of the Trump Soho hotel in Manhattan, looking up 6th Avenue and all the way through to Central Park.

I stayed in the hotel for a week whilst attending a media conference ( “The World Audiences Summit”) and this was the view every night as I lay in bed listening to Frank Sinatra and trying to unwind. I particularly liked the way that the Avenue completely bisected the downtown area with the skyscrapers creating two cliffs – like Moses parting the Red Sea. As Sixth has one way traffic running North, the sea of red brake lights made the Avenue appear like a stream of lava flowing through the city.

The painting is oil on canvas from a photo I took at the time.

Nyc 2 Avenue

Here is the original photo..

New York June 2011 032

I also took some photos as I went along, so you can see me building up the layout and also – at the halfway stage – New York before the lights came on…

NYC First stage

NYC Stage 2

NYC Stage three


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