Grand Central Sunset

A painting of the concourse at Grand Central Railway terminal in New York, one of my favourite ‘spaces’

Back in 2008, I met some colleagues at a restaurant inside Grand Central called Metrazur. It is up on a balcony inside the main concourse ,opposite the one you can see in the painting. As the early evening wore on it became apparent that the sun was setting so that it was shining exactly along East 43rd Street and directly through the East windows. This doesn’t happen that often – certainly despite repeated visits there over the years I have never seen it before or since that one evening. I took some photos including one in the photography section of this blog, but none of them captured the atmosphere, so five years later I decided to paint it, partly from the photos and mostly from memory in terms of terms of colours. The medium is oil paint on a stretched canvas. It is only partly successful but here it is anyway:

Grand Central 1

As ever, you can click on it for a closer look. The more I have looked at it the more I wonder whether the colours and mood, which are less evident in the photo, were also sub-consciously influenced by the Grand Central ‘Waltz’ scene in The Fisher King, particularly around 50 seconds in. See what you think. Anyway Terry Gilliam does the station far more justice than I can..

The painting was done over two weeks and for those who are interested in such things, here is the painting at the halfway stage:

Grand Central Halfway

Whilst here is a wider shot to give you an idea of the size of it, something that is always lost when pictures are digitised:

Grand Central 3

I have just googled Metrazur to check the spelling and apparently they have closed. I don’ t remember much about the food to be honest, but the venue was superb.


6 thoughts on “Grand Central Sunset

  1. Nicely done! The Metrazur mezzanine became an Apple store — a much better use of the space as it is more accessible to the public now (and as you recall the food was just okay).

    1. I don’t recall much about the food to be honest, which I guess says it all really. But do they let you sit in the Apple store and watch the sun set? Knowing Apple I guess the answer is probably yes, unless iPhone 6 has just gone on sale…..

  2. Richard great painting.. what is the size? is it for sale? my husband and I got married at Metrazur and love grand central.

    1. Apologies for delay in responding, I have been on holiday. Sadly it’s not for sale as my Mum has it now. However I would be happy to take a higher resolution picture of it and send to you to print out yourself. Let me know. Glad you like it.

      1. Thanks for circling back. How nice for Mum to have one of your beautiful pieces.
        No worries. We are looking for original paintings so will pass on the high resolution photo at this time. Cheers.

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