Roy’s Top Twenty of 2012

As you may be aware I have been tracking my top 20 songs of the year over the last 20 days.

Flying in formation with me have been Andy and Roy who have been posting their own choices under mine. As their lists were so good, and also to make them easier to find for ‘posterity’, I have digested each of them into one simple blog entry for you to enjoy.

Firstly here we have Roy’s wide-ranging picks of the year. Some of it so cutting edge there isn’t even a video for it.

Number 20: Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings

The Strokes giving Sonic Youth a good kicking – not even the best track on his very fine album ‘Attack On Memory’

Number -19 Disparate Youth by Santigold

Ms Gold does her New Wavey, Hip-hoppy, Electronicy thing – in an alternate universe all ‘pop’ music sounds like this. Remarkably unsullied by subsequent use in a car advert.

Number 18 – Die Life by The Soft Moon

The sound of a retro-futuristic John Carpenter movie staring Gary Numan and the Sisters Of Mercy. Absolutely no surprise that they have already colaborated with Trent Reznor and John Foxx. So dark it made me want to dye my hair black (again), drink snakebite and go and form human pyramids with complete strangers at a Fields of the Nephilim gig.

Number 17 – Gods and Masters by WAKE

Agit-prop hip hop, what’s not to like ? Definitely got a feel of Eminem’s MOSH about it.

Number 16 – Evil Coast by The Mary Onettes

I’m putting this forward as a ‘loveliest song’ contender. Released last month and just sneeking in under the wire, another slice of sublime scandipop and, whisper it quietly, a bit 10CC.

Number 15 – Doom & Gloom by The Rolling Stones

Where the hell did this come from ?Geriatric multi-millionaires in ferocious garage-punk stomper shocker ! If Bobby Gillespie is thinking of another Stones pastiche for the next Primals album, he’d best have a re-think.

Number 14 – One Drop by PiL

You are now entering a Pil zone; the return of the national treasure that is John Lydon with his finest work for a very long time. Not sure if you saw him verbally eviscerate Louise Mensch on Question Time, but one of the TV highlights of the year.

My Number 13 – Peach Blossom by Eels

Love this – even if its is highly reminiscent of FLC’s ‘Scooby Snacks’ as interpreted by Jack White; very much looking forward to the new album – thanks to Richard for flagging up this one.

My Number 12 – Inhaler by Foals

Gets better and better each time I hear it and all the better for them discovering their inner Mudhoney. A brilliant video always helps

Number 11 – Wrath Of God by Crystal Castles

If its dystopian electronica fit for a post-apocalyptic party that you are looking for, this is the go-to band. Alice Glass’ vocals are even more frightning than usual.

Number 10 – Pythagorean Fearem by Howler

Arriving fully-formed with a set of JAMC meets the Strokes via Bo Diddley, anthems of youth disillusion; this is the most raucous track from their very fine debut album ‘America Wake Up’

Number 9 – Reagan’s Skeleton by Yeasayer

From the centre of the indie universe that is Brooklyn; this is that rare beast, an indie-electropop tune with political punch. If Obama had used this as his re-election campaign song it would have been all over by New Hampshire.

Number 8 – Lafaye by School Of Seven Bells

Cocteau Twins meets Propaganda with better haircuts. This is the lead track from their album ‘Ghoststory’ – so good it will sends a shiver down your spine !

Number 7 – ‘Temporary’ by White Rabbits.

To quote Andy, ‘an absolute gem of a song’. Like Bloc Party if they remembered how to still write songs and lived in Brooklyn.

Number 6 – Pelican by The Maccabees

This is the track that got me into the album; angular and anthemic in equal

Number 5 – ‘Stranglin’ You Too’ by Slug Guts

Crawling out of some antipodean backwater is this lo-fi swamp rock corker. My guess is that they’ve got a few Birthday Party and Cramps albums between them.

Number 4 – Doused by DIIV
There was a veritable torrent of shoegaze/dreampop stuff released in 2012 but this topped the lot – Ride with an infusion of New Order – always been a sucker for a flanged guitar riff.

Number 3 – ‘Bronto’ by Baddies

Track and video that got me into their wonderful, fan-funded ‘Build’ album. Seemingly a band completely under anybody’s radar, but should have much wider recognition for their Devo/Wire infused New Wave pop nuggets

Number 2 – ‘The Messenger’ by Johnny Marr

The incomparable Mr Marr returns with a song that would have not been out of place in his Smiths golden period.

Number 1 – No Light, No Light by Florence & The Machine

Where pop, goth and orchestration intersect you find Flo in full flow – one of the very few, credible mainstream ‘pop’ artists today who might actually have a career beyond the lifespan of a an infirm firefly.


Bubbling under…

…and finally as an exclusive for this site, the ones that nearly made it. Roy’s 21 through 30…

30 Gravedigger’s Song Mark Lanegan
29 Night Swim Frankie Rose
28 You’re Early 2:54
27 The Descent Bob Mould
26 The Base Paul Banks
25 Staring At The Wall Jeff The Brotherhood
24 Shotgun Eugene McGuinness
23 So Far Away A Place To Bury Strangers
22 Ill Manors Plan B
21 Sixteen Saltines Jack White

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