Andy’s Top Twenty of 2012

My second fellow – flyer in our musical exploration of 2012 was Andy.

Here then, rather than forcing you to weed through my blog entries to see his top 20, I present in all it’s glory in a special Mouldycliff omnibus edition. Featuring Grizzly Bears, Dutch Uncles, and Hooded Fangs Under The Westway. No wonder a First Aid Kit is needed.

Number 20 – Tesselate by Alt-J

Not wanting to be left out of this “list-fest” here’s my number 20. As I’m sure you know by now, triangles are my favourite shape.

Number 19 – Night & Day by Hot Chip

A tune to get you dancing around the Xmas tree at whatever time of day you hear it.

Number 18: Under The Westway by Blur

From a band not unfamiliar with being included on my end of year lists. Damon, over to you…

Number 17: Temporary by White Rabbits

This gem from the indie six piece from Brooklyn (doesn’t really narrow it down much does it?). Enjoy!

Number 16: Seek It by Richard Hawley

Right, as for my own number 16, this is bound to illicit a response from the south coast. Yes, it may not be the best track on the album, but personally, the contrast with the other sweeping orchestral tracks made it stand out. Plus the lyrics were amongst the most poignant, and for that reason it deserves to feature.

Number 15: Fester by Dutch Uncles

From a city in France we move on to Holland (!), and from a group who’ve been round the block a few times to one who are just starting out. I have to admit that I’m slightly biased here as a guy who used to work in my office are friends with this lot, so it came as a recommendation. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop…

Number 14: A Simple Answer by Grizzly Bear

I’m now going to go for a 6 minute track of my own, which again possibly could be somewhat shorter. Whatever happened to the good old radio edit, one wonders?

Number 13: London Can Take it by Public Service Broadcasting

The second track I heard from this particular bunch, and either would have been worthy entries. I plumped for this one, as I love the way it starts. Number 13…

Number 12: Tosta Mista by Hooded Fang

Talking of catchy little tunes, here’s my number 12. Once again, it could probably be cut quite considerably as it doesn’t really develop any further in the second half, but when you’ve done all the good work in the first half you can afford to coast thereafter. I’ll resist the temptation to make any analogies with last night’s footy. Number 12…

Number 11: the Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit

.Following on from the scary Crystal Castles (see Roy’s Number 11) comes something far more soothing, so don’t get fooled by the title. Number 11…

Number 10: Greatest Hits by Mystery Jets

As for my number 10, no strangers to my end-of-year lists, with the first single from their fourth album. As always, great lyrics and great memories of those early 80’s albums (Lexicon of Love, Remain in Light et al). Number 10…

Number 9: Disparate Youth by Santigold

Right, inevitably we’re now starting to get repeat artists and in the case of my number 9, songs too. Not much to say except it shows the strength of a song when you hear it on an advert countless times and you still aren’t sick of it!

Number 8: V.E.N.O.M. by Pulled Apart by Horses

My Christmas Eve selection is a somewhat rowdier affair. I first heard this back in January, and, 11 months later, it still puts a smile on my face. Number 8…

Number 7: Staircase by Radiohead

My favourite track from the King of Limbs sessions, and in typical contrary Radiohead style, one of those that failed to make it onto the album. Credit must go to the rhythm section here for the funky beats which are the driving force behind one of their more under-rated tracks of recent times.

Number 6: Gold On The Ceiling by The Black Keys

One which we’ve already discussed at length, and another which gained exposure through the murky world of advertising. Number 6…

Number 5: Chapel Song by We Are Augustines

It’s yet another example to make a big impression on me in the early part of the year. Taken from the debut album “Rise Ye Sunken Ships” I particularly enjoy the desperate delivery of the vocals. See what you think…

Number 4: Motoring by Toy

From the ashes of Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong came this lot and the lead track from their eponymous debut album. Also highly recommended is the 8 minute joy that is “Kopter”. Check it out, I dare you.

Number 3: Harlequinade by Eugene McGuiness

In the bronze medal position for me comes this fella. 4 incredibly catchy singles from “The Invitation to the Voyage”, any one of which would have been worthy for inclusion. True, it doesn’t break any new ground but I assure you once they get into your head you’ll soon be singing along like a Christmas Caroller. Number 3…

Number 2: Default by Django Django

As for my number 2, a track you’ve already heard before. Like Eugene McGuinness, this group released 4 great singles from their debut album, and this being the one that brought them to my attention, it deserves special praise. Number 2…

Number 1: Octopus by Bloc Party

Right, and so on to my number 1. Another group who are no strangers to the higher echelons of my end of year lists, I thought this first single from their accurately-described fourth album “Four” was right up there with the likes of “Banquet” and “Helicopter” as one of the finest examples of indie guitar music at its best. Hope you think so too…

As Kele would say, hope you all enjoy your “bubbling, bubbling cheap champagne” as we hurtle into yet another year. All the best for 2013. Andy M.


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