Watercolours – Brede

I started this part of the blog to track my progress on the art course I am doing, which is primarily oils, but I thought it might be interesting to also post some past efforts and so will so this under three categories – charcoal, watercolours and acrylics.

Firstly some watercolours.

I have been doing watercolours since I was a kid. I tend to do them on holidays as a form of relaxation. All the pictures below and in other blogs were done total in situ – i.e. sitting outside in front of the scene, with the pad resting on my knees and me perched on a church wall, bench or the occasional gravestone. All of them are ‘one take’  –  I start and finish them in one sitting, anything from 2- 4 hours until weather or a pub visit intervenes.

I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with watercolours. On the one hand I enjoy the process of doing them, sitting outside on a summers day, whilst watercolour is quite a portable medium. On the other hand, the end products are incredibly traditional and I tend to choose the subjects more on whether it is a nice place to sit than anything else.  Watercolour can be a hard medium to change once you have committed the paint to paper and as a result on more than one of these the sky looks like it was done in felt tip!

This set were done across a week in late August 2011 in Brede, a small village up on the Sussex Downs where we stayed for a week in a converted stables.  Most of them were done listening to Metronomy’s The English Riviera and Cut/Copy’s Zonoscope on the ipod.  So now you know.

As ever, click on each for a bigger picture.

Firstly, the local Church, St George Brede..

Brede 3

The stables where we stayed, at the edge of the farm.

Brede 1

Two views of the village square from the same bench under a tree..

Brede 4

Brede 2

These last two just stayed as sketches, but I have included them here for ‘thematic’ reasons.

The church from the other side.

Brede 6

And a stately home  a few miles away, called Great Dixter…

Brede 7

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