2012 – Number 2: Under The Westway

For me this is a real grower, and the sort of Blur I prefer.

Under The Westway is not the ‘knees-up guvnor’ of Park Life – or the Lo-fi grunge of Song 2 – but something in the tradition of thoughtful, subtle anthems like The Universal, Tender and For Tomorrow. This song means a lot to me, as I walked under the Westway to school everyday and then worked for nearly 25 years at a building off the A40. This live video, shot on a roof north of the A40 and broadcast live on the web is lovely. You can just see the white BBC Media Centre building on the other side of the Westway, but my school was over the drummers left shoulder. It’s demolished now.

It’s not a song that grabs you by the shoulders and shouts ‘like me’ but I think it’s near perfect.

But it’s not my number one. For that stay tuned…..


4 thoughts on “2012 – Number 2: Under The Westway

  1. My Number 2 – ‘The Messenger’ Johnny Marr
    The incomparable Mr Marr returns with a song that would have not been out of place in his Smiths golden period. As the video has already been posted and there doesn’t seem to be any live versions avaiable; here is a little bonus… http://hypetrak.com/2012/11/rac-climbing-up-the-walls-radiohead-cover/
    This is my favourite cover version of the year; like all t great cover versions it transcends the original and takes it somewhere else entirely.

  2. Gosh, I’m surprised that ‘The Messenger’ made such a big impression on both of you. Perhaps it was just released at the right time, when the lists were being formulated. Interesting to see how it’s viewed in a years time. Anyway, as for my number 2, a track you’ve already heard before. Like Eugene McGuinness, this group released 4 great singles from their debut album, and this being the one that brought them to my attention, it deserves special praise. Number 2…

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