2012 – Number 3: Brilliant


I certainly would not have predicted at the start of the year that not only would both Dexys and Ultravox  produce their first albums since 1985, but that they would be really good.  This, the lead single and title track, would have been a guaranteed top 10 back in their heyday and is the third video in this rundown to feature the Olympics – this time pre-Olympic teasers. It takes some nerve to call your comeback album ‘Brilliant’. I bet the NME would have had fun with that back in the 80s…..

5 thoughts on “2012 – Number 3: Brilliant

  1. My Number 3 – ‘Bronto’ by Baddies
    Track and video that got me into their wonderful, fan-funded ‘Build’ album. Seemingly a band completely under anybody’s radar, but should have much wider recognition for their Devo/Wire infused New Wave pop nuggets

  2. A fantastic video although for me the album didn’t quite match it. At least i now know what a Brontobyte is. Sadly they split up later in 2012, going to join Cooper Temple Clause and Hope Of The States in the graveyard of bands who never made it. At least those two had decent names though!

  3. In the bronze medal position for me comes this fella. 4 incredibly catchy singles from “The Invitation to the Voyage”, any one of which would have been worthy for inclusion. True, it doesn’t break any new ground but I assure you once they get into your head you’ll soon be singing along like a Christmas Caroller. Number 3…

  4. Really good; this is another track with a Talking Heads influence – however my favourite of his this year was ‘Shotgun’ with the cheeky Peter Gunn riff – which was just outside my 20. Also really like ‘Lions’.

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