2012 – Number 4: Little Talks

I know that of Monsters & Men aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I love the way the male and female voices interlock and their music puts a smile on my face. To me they sound like a Bjork spin on the Arcade Fire. Either way it is quite incredible how a country with a total population of just 320,000 has produced so much fine music. Possibly rivalling Andy’s choice of First Aid Kit (see number 11) as the least ‘Indie’ thing here.


4 thoughts on “2012 – Number 4: Little Talks

  1. Moving swiftly on from the Icelandic Mumford and Sons….

    My Number 4 – Doused by DIIV
    There was a veritable torrent of shoegaze/dreampop stuff released in 2012 but this topped the lot – Ride with an infusion of New Order – always been a sucker for a flanged guitar riff.

  2. Now that’s more like it. Didn’t get your number 5 at all, but this is great, although reminds me more of the Cure than New Order. I can’t think of other videos with someone running with a guitar. It’s a simple but effective image….

  3. I’m back from my northern sojourn, and desperately trying to catch up. So, from the ashes of Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong came this lot and the lead track from their eponymous debut album. Also highly recommended is the 8 minute joy that is “Kopter”. Check it out, I dare you.

  4. Another good choice Mr M . However I think they’ve yet to write a better song than ‘Left Myself Behind’. The problem they’ve got is that they sound an awful lot like their bessie mates, The Horrors, who do this sort of thing better.

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