2012 – Number 5: Madness

So we come to the all important number five.

Some of you may remember that back in the late 70s and early 80s, the UK chart was released not on a Sunday but at 12:45 on Radio 1 on a Tuesday lunchtime. The nation’s schoolkids would gather round transistor radios in playgrounds across the country to hear the new chart and where there favourite band had placed. Back then the charts really mattered –   the Premiership table of pop –  and the suspense was heightened because the DJ would not do a straightforward rundown from 30 to 1, but instead would skip straight to the top 5 and play that in reverse order before reading out the whole chart at 1pm before the number 1. So it was nerve-wracking stuff: once 2-5 had been read out, had your favourite song not featured because it was about to be number 1, or was it not even in the top 5?

And my number 5 is Madness by Muse (not Muse by Madness), so no doubt were Muse hunched over a radio following this countdown (unlikely),  they would be be disappointed not to be number 1, but relieved to be safely inside the top 5.  Every Muse album seems to feature something OTT that turns Muse up to Eleven (Knights of Cydonia, Uprising, Supremacy) and something a bit poppy (Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight,Time Is Running Out) and this track, from the under-rated Second Law, falls into that category.

One thought on “2012 – Number 5: Madness

  1. I do like ‘Madness’, but like ‘2nd Law’ as a whole, I don’t love it – sounds a lot like Prince covering Queen but then so much of ‘2nd Law’ does.

    My Number 5 – ‘Stranglin’ You Too’ by Slug Guts
    Crawling out of some antipodean backwater is this lo-fi swamp rock corker. My guess is that they’ve got a few Birthday Party and Cramps albums between them.

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