2012 – Number 7: Incapable Of Love

51jHKTIzNqL._SL500_AA300_The second single released from my number one album of the year ‘ One Day I’m Going To Soar’ by Dexys.

Fully twenty seven years since their last album, the neglected masterpiece ‘Don’t Stand Me Down’, I cannot recommend the album strongly enough. It’s something of a concept album tracking Kevin’s trajectory from loner to romance and back again, and features the trademark ‘conversational’ approach pioneered on ‘This Is What She’s Like’ and central to this video.  Music as storytelling.


3 thoughts on “2012 – Number 7: Incapable Of Love

  1. Merry Christmas to all! Just to prove I’m a man of my word I did research the Howler track I really liked and so here it is…

    And so to my number 7 choice. My favourite track from the King of Limbs sessions, and in typical contrary Radiohead style, one of those that failed to make it onto the album. Credit must go to the rhythm section here for the funky beats which are the driving force behind one of their more under-rated tracks of recent times.

  2. I’m a searching for the young soul rebels, Dexys kind of guy, so this doesn’t really do it for me.
    ‘Back of My Neck’ is another excellent Howler track but the album is full of them – can’t recommend it enough. I’d also agree that ‘Satircase’ is the best of the recent Radiohead stuff.
    My Number 7 – ‘Temporary’ by White Rabbits.
    To quote Andy, ‘an absolute gem of a song’. Like Bloc Party if they remembered how to still write songs and lived in Brooklyn.

  3. The Radiohead song is pleasant enough, and has a nice groove but leaves me strangely unmoved, as does King of Limbs. Absolutely agree this Howler song is much more fun than the other one, reminds me of the Libertines

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