2012 – Number 9: Spitfire

2086637663-1Andy opted for ‘London Can Take it’ from Public Service Broadcasting’s War Room EP (see his number 13, logically enough under my number 13). A fine choice but I marginally prefer the other single, Spitfire. See what your think. As you will have gathered now, their ‘thing’ is to take samples from govt propaganda films. Enjoy…

3 thoughts on “2012 – Number 9: Spitfire

  1. Prefer this; more Krautrock than than the War Room E.
    My Number 10 – Pythagorean Fearem by Howler
    Arriving fully-formed with a set of JAMC meets the Strokes via Bo Diddley, anthems of youth disillusion; this is the most raucous track from their very fine debut album ‘America Wake Up’

    My Number 9 – Reagan’s Skeleton by Yeasayer
    From the centre of the indie universe that is Brooklyn; this is that rare beast, an indie-electropop tune with political punch. If Obama had used this as his re-election campaign song it would have been all over by New Hampshire.

  2. Yes, I tend to agree with Richard on this one. I’ve heard Yeasayer before but they haven’t really done anything for me, however this one is a catchy little number. The Howler track isn’t my fave, and I must dig out which track of theirs I really liked. Probably won’t of course, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know!

    Right, inevitably we’re now starting to get repeat artists and in the case of my number 9, songs too. Not much to say except it shows the strength of a song when you hear it on an advert countless times and you still aren’t sick of it!

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