2012 Number 10 – Harder Than You Think

Into the Top 10 and it’s back to the summer of sport.

To start the rundown, we had Underworld’s track from the opening ceremony, and by coincidence to kick off the Top 10 we have the song Channel 4 chose (brilliantly) to promote the Paralympics. Public Enemy, not only hip hop pioneers, but proud creators of the longest album titles in history.  I feel a bit sorry for Chuck and Flava as they were attempting to launch a new album (Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On Stamp) which got drowned by a five year old song being resurrected. However I am sure they won’t be too out of pocket and, of course, no return to prominence would be complete without Flava getting arrested again, which duly happened in October.

So here it is, ‘Harder Than You Think’ from the 2007 album ‘How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul’. Indeed.


2 thoughts on “2012 Number 10 – Harder Than You Think

  1. A fine tune, much loved by my daughter, which just failed to break into my top 20.
    As for my number 10, no strangers to my end-of-year lists, with the first single from their fourth album. As always, great lyrics and great memories of those early 80’s albums (Lexicon of Love, Remain in Light et al). Number 10…

  2. Another one that passed me by this year – but excellent choice Andy, very much like the lyrics. Not sure if Mark E Smith has heard this but I’m sure he would approve of the reference !

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