2012 – Number 11: Gold On The Ceiling

Although the album El Camino was released in late 2011, this was released this year.

I checked honest, so qualifies and just misses my top ten. Insanely catchy and certainly helped commercially by its use in a Cobra beer ad which is, I have to admit when I first came across it. The album comes across like a classic first album, with every song a potential single as they finally get their chance to put their best songs out there for the first time. Except it’s actually their seventh album. Strange.


and this, in case you missed it, was the ad…



5 thoughts on “2012 – Number 11: Gold On The Ceiling

  1. Completely forgot that this qualified for 2012 under the Mouldycliff-Marks method.

    Very appropriate for today (and purely co-incidentally)……..

    My Number 11 – Wrath Of God by Crystal Castles
    If its dystopian electronica fit for a post-apocalyptic party that you are looking for, this is the go-to band. Alice Glass’ vocals are even more frightning than usual.

  2. Yes, the Black Keys certainly deserve the perseverance award. Who would have thought that the same band that appeared in the Festive 50 9 years ago, sandwiched between Neulander and M.A.S.S. would have such huge commercial success.

    The end of the world is nigh, so I’d better get on with my selection too. Following on from the scary Crystal Castles comes something far more soothing, so don’t get fooled by the title. Number 11…

  3. Crystal Castles also have a pleasant ditty called ‘Plague’ on the new album.

    Something not quite right about sisters from the Swedish hinterland sounding and (looking) like they come from a backwoods town in the Appalachins with no electricity. Alkthough I don’t mind Fleet Foxes, unsurprisingly not my kind of thing at all !

    1. OK, I may be showing my age here, but I have to confess if the end of the world was five minutes away, I would much rather spend them time listening to this rather than Crystal Castles. But them I always (and inexplicably) loved Lone Justice.

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