2012 – Number 13 Rock ‘n Roll Love Affair

One of a number of artists this year (see Roy’s nomination of Doom & Gloom by the Stones) to produce a great single that sounds like them at their prime, but equally sounds like it was recorded when they were at their prime. Only released a couple of weeks ago, sadly it does not seem to feature Wendy & Lisa in their midfield holding roles. Not as innovative as Sign O The Times, which remains one of the most important singles ever released, but fun nonetheless.


5 thoughts on “2012 – Number 13 Rock ‘n Roll Love Affair

  1. I heard the Prince single a couple of times, and as you say, assumed it was something he’d released 25 years ago. Whether that’s a strength or a weakness I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, my own choice was the second track I heard from this particular bunch, and either would have been worthy entries. I plumped for this one, as I love the way it starts. Number 13…

    1. No idea Prince was a) still alive b) still releasing tracks. It sounds like he’s just mashed-up all his 80’s tunes (particularly 1999) into one last blow out. For some strange reason I thought that the PSB track was from last year so totally omitted it from this year’s list !

      My Number 13 – Peach Blossom by Eels
      Love this – even if its is highly reminiscent of FLC’s ‘Scooby Snacks’ as interpreted by Jack White; very much looking forward to the new album – thanks to Richard for flagging up this one.

      1. Well that’s a turn up – Eels turn up in a Top 20, but for once it’s not mine. Wonderful of course, but in my mind as it isn’t released till next year it was saved up till next year as ‘things to look forward to in 2013’. No consistency in that of course as neither Foals not tomorrow’s pick have been released yet either, but it’s my mind and I am stuck in it.

        Great song, but I am sure the album will feature even more fabulous things.

  2. A lovely track and it’s probably not too ‘spoilery’ to say that there will be more Public Service Broadcasting to come. A friend of mind who is less of a muso than us (i.e. normal) surprisingly said that PSB sounded like an Eighties band. This really surprised me, but I guess they were referencing amongst other things, the public service announcements from the annihilation mix of Two Tribes – “put them outside but remember to tag them first for identification purposes..” – and Nineteen by Paul Hardcastle.

  3. The concept of an ‘official release’ is probably somewhat null and void these days- if its out there in cyberworld its effectively’released’- which still doesn’t explain why ‘El Camino’ features in Mojo’s albums of 2012 when it was ‘released’ in November 2011 !!

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