2012 – Number 14: What’ll it take?

Somewhat overshadowed by the Blur reunion, but a great pop song nonetheless, in the tradition of Freakin Out. The video is fun although Graham isn’t obviously in it. The song is, in my humble opinion, about a minute too long, which has deflated its position slightly, but what do I know…?


3 thoughts on “2012 – Number 14: What’ll it take?

  1. Yes, I liked this when I first heard it and I agree it goes on far too long, but I just got a little tired of hearing it and hence in the end I didn’t buy it.

    However, having said all that, I’m now going to go for a 6 minute track of my own, which again possibly could be somewhat shorter. Whatever happened to the good old radio edit, one wonders?

    Excellent choice from Roy yesterday, and one that came very close to getting on the list.

  2. When I saw “Grizzly Bear”, I cursed as I acknowledged a glaring omission from my list. Then regret was replaced by bemusement, as this was not the track I was expecting. I would have thought that “Yet Again” was a far better choice. Whilst understanding the ‘Mouldycliff Rule’ that we observe in our annual lists (no artist can appear more than once) and acknowledging that you may not have wanted to go for the ‘obvious’ choice, I am still very surprised. Over to Roy for a tiebreak….

  3. It missed my Top 30 but I’d definitely go for ‘Yet Again’ as the Grizzly Bear track of choice. I also liked ‘What’ll it take’ and agree its about a 90 seconds too long;

    My Number 14 – One Drop by PiL
    You are now entering a Pil zone; the return of the national treasure that is John Lydon with his finest work for a very long time. Not sure if you saw him verbally eviscerate Louise Mensch on Question Time, but one of the TV highlights of the year.

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