Project 2: Life Drawing – Final Painting

So here is the final painting, the culmination of the Life Drawing project.

I am fairly happy with it. I was planning to make it a ‘proper’ picture with shading, shadows and depth but felt it might work better as more of a ‘pop art’ Lichtenstein/ Opie sort of effort, not least as I am still finding my way with oil on canvas. Also I was running out of time so some pragmatism was needed. I am a lot happier with the three figures to the right than the one on the left; her legs look like they are hanging in mid air. So is it modern art or does it just look like fuzzy felt? You decide..

Dancer Final oil

Finally here is a comparison between the first stage and the second if you want to spot the difference. Mostly around making the figures less chubby and brighter colours once I had decided to go down more of a primary route:

Draft 3Dancer Final oil


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