2012 – Number 15: I’ve Got Your Music

I wanted to have something from the St Etienne Words & Music album and of the two singles this wins out narrowly over Tonight, largely due to the wonderful video, a homage to vinyl album covers, featuring members of the public, the band and the odd celeb. I saw them at the Shepherds Bush Empire of Friday and it was perfect pre-Christmas gig.


3 thoughts on “2012 – Number 15: I’ve Got Your Music

  1. From a city in France we move on to Holland (!), and from a group who’ve been round the block a few times to one who are just starting out. I have to admit that I’m slightly biased here as a guy who used to work in my office are friends with this lot, so it came as a recommendation. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop…

    1. The St Etienne track passed me by completely but a fine indie/dance pop song and good video. Ditto for the Dutch Uncles track; there’s quite a lot of this Talking Heads-inspired, angular pop stuff around at the moment. Interesting and I suspect its a grower.

      My Number 15 – Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones
      Where the hell did this come from ?Geriatric multi-millionaires in ferocious garage-punk stomper shocker ! If Bobby Gillespie is thinking of another Stones pastiche for the next Primals album, he’d best have a re-think.


  2. I assume the Uncle Fester reference is a deliberate one. The Stones song sounds great on the radio, but £200 a ticket? That’s 13 times what it cost me to see Martin Stephenson last month……..

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