2012- Number 16: Genesis

No, not Suppers Ready, but Genesis by Grimes.

I first heard this when my alarm went off one morning – set to 6 Music as always –  and this came on,  echoing my half  awake/ half asleep state perfectly. There’s a ‘tank girl meets Lady Gaga in the desert’ official video which is good, but this clip suits it better in my opinion. The keyboard motif reminds me of Yellow Magic Orchestra or something from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack to Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.


4 thoughts on “2012- Number 16: Genesis

  1. Much-touted in 2012, but I can’t say they made a big impression on me. To use a “Hughes-ism”, a Division 2 Stereolab for the 21st Century, but of course, that’s only my opinion!

    Right, as for my own number 16, this is bound to illicit a response from the south coast. Yes, it may not be the best track on the album, but personally, the contrast with the other sweeping orchestral tracks made it stand out. Plus the lyrics were amongst the most poignant, and for that reason it deserves to feature.

    1. Tend to agree with Andy on this one – its sort of just there – ‘underwhelming’ is the word that comes most readily to mind.

  2. I predict this will be the loveliest song to feature in any of our Top 20s. This reminds me of sitting in sunset-drenched churchyards in the Costwolds last summer, listening to this album, and Elbow’s Build A Rocket Boys, whilst painting. Someone has suggested that I should put up the tech details for the photographs in that section of the blog (Aperture, F Stop etc). Perhaps for the paintings I should also note what i was listening to on my ipod at the time….

    The new Paul Weller single, Dragonfly, sounds uncannily like Richard Hawley’s album. I wonder which was recorded first

  3. Not wishing to disappoint…… finding this track on an album of such majestic songwriting and arrangement is a bit like finding a polystyrene tile in a ceiling of marble
    Number 16 – Evil Coast by The Mary Onettes
    I’m putting this forward as a ‘loveliest song’ contender. Released last month and just sneeking in under the wire, another slice of sublime scandipop and, whisper it quietly, a bit 10CC.

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