2012 – Number 18: Inhaler

Inhaler by Foals is my number 18 of the year.

I got their first album on the basis of Cassius, but found it all a bit twee. This however is in a different league and almost sounds like a completely different band. A great live performance on Later. It clearly shows the benefits of growing a beard. Now there’s a thought…


4 thoughts on “2012 – Number 18: Inhaler

  1. Absolutely love this and I’m sure its duwe an appearance in my Top 20 somewhere ! Certainly a lot chunkier than any of their other stuff but ‘Total Life Forever’ will take some beating when they release the new LP next year.

  2. Number 18 – Die Life by The Soft Moon
    The sound of a retro-futuristic John Carpenter movie staring Gary Numan and the Sisters Of Mercy. Absolutely no surprise that they have already colaborated with Trent Reznor and John Foxx. So dark it made me want to dye my hair black (again), drink snakebite and go and form human pyramids with complete strangers at a Fields of the Nephilim gig.

  3. A second instrumental in our lists. Their band bio says that they create “dystopian soundscapes for a new generation of torn romantics”. Probably unlikely to be under consideration for the next X-Factor winners single I feel.

  4. Bit late with my number 18 from a band not unfamiliar with being included on my end of year lists. Damon, over to you…

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