2012 – Number 19: Default

At number 19 in my Top Twenty of the year, it’s Default by Django Django.

Released early in the year, at times its geeky ‘They Might Be Giants’ feel can irritate, but it’s the riff that kicks in at 0:30 that makes it a bit special, particularly the ‘click/default’ hook ( at least I assume they are singing ‘click’).   I loved the Gotye single when it was released around the same time, but now that has been played to death, whereas this still sounds fresh and so places at number 19.

Another song called Default was released in 2012 (what are the odds) by Atoms For Peace, the Thom Yorke ‘supergroup’, but Django Django win by default (sorry!), because appropriately enough the video features oil paints!

2 thoughts on “2012 – Number 19: Default

  1. Forgot all about this ! Its got a C86 feel without being at all jangly – I suspect they quite like Talking Heads. Very much liked the other ‘Default’ as well.

    Number -19 Disparate Youth by Santigold
    Ms Gold does her New Wavey, Hip-hoppy, Electronicy thing – in an alternate universe all ‘pop’ music sounds like this. Remarkably unsullied by subsequent use in a car advert.

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