2012 – Number 20: Caliban’s Dream

There are just twenty days left in 2012, so here are the 20 singles of the year from my point of view, running down to the number one on New Years Eve.

At number 20 I have gone for Caliban’s Dream, from Underworld’s incredible music for the Olympic Ceremony, the music used for the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Featuring Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club, it stays just the right side of cheesy, no small feat given it features a children’s choir la-la-ing away. It floats along blissfully and capped a perfect opening ceremony. Indeed they really should have finished the evening there….

I could write for quite a while eulogising Underworld, but check out 2010’s Barking album as a great start point.


8 thoughts on “2012 – Number 20: Caliban’s Dream

  1. As you’re going public with a retro- countdown feel this year; I’ll endeavour to keep up !

    Number 20: Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings

    The Strokes giving Sonic Youth a good kicking – not even the best track on his very fine album ‘Attack On Memory’

  2. Not wanting to be left out of this “list-fest” here’s my number 20. As I’m sure you know by now, triangles are my favourite shape.

  3. Welcome to the party Andy !
    The whole Alt-J hype thing has gone over my head slightly. Its a decent enough song and nice video but like the rest of their stuff, fairly anaemic – if they were a football team, they would be Fulham – solid mid-table consistency, but nothing much to get excited about.

  4. Hi Roy. Thanks for the analogy, although I’m not sure Fulham is perhaps the best fit for Alt-J, as I can’t remember the former winning any major prizes in my lifetime. Possibly Sunderland would be more apt – one major piece of silverware then nothing else for 40 years. I can’t quite remember who they beat though…

    Anyway, we’re down to number 19, so here’s mine. A tune to get you dancing around the Xmas tree at whatever time of day you hear it.

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