The Manhattan Project

No not that one…

This was an art project done on a course in 2005. The focus was on acrylics, so the end goal was to produce a work in acrylics. As ever click on each for a bigger picture.

The first stage was creating a photo-collage.

2005 was a year in which I visited New York many times on business and took many photos whilst I was there. This would annoy my colleague George – understandably. We would be striding off to an important meeting from our office on 41st and Park, only for him to realise that he was talking to thin air as I had paused to take yet another photo of the Chrysler Building or some other skyscraper. As a native New Yorker it was also embarrassing for him to to be seen with an obvious tourist, but it did mean that I had plenty of photos to blow up and cut up for this first collage. George, if you are reading this now, I hope you can (retrospectively) forgive me.

NY Photocollage

I was fascinated by placing the buildings at angles, almost in a bouquet, so the next week attempted to replicate it in pencil…

NY Ccollage 2

This helped me work out which shapes I found the most interesting and over the next two weeks I worked on the final acrylic painting. I kept the idea of the buildings being at angles to each other but went for a four frame painting, attempting a slightly different colour pallet and approach for each – a bit like the panels in a comic book with four different pictures. The common part being the Chrysler Building.

The final work is quite big, about 1 meter by 60cm.

Chrysler Panels

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