Sixteen Sunsets…..

I thought I would start this photo blog off with some pictures of sunsets taken in the last five years or so.  Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Firstly, the Bay of Naples In Italy…

Italy Aug 2008 149

Up on the Sussex Downs….


From a farmyard in Kent….


From the restaurant at the top of the Park Lane Hilton (yes, the arch is Wembley)…….


Sunset over the Med  from Tel Aviv..

Tel Aviv Feb 2007 013

..and a further one from Tel Aviv….

Tel Aviv Feb 2007 003

From outside the Kennedy Library in Boston…

Boston May 2010 066

Boston at sunset (same one as on my masthead at the top of the page)

Boston May 2010 067

Just after sunset in a nature reserve in South Africa…

South Africa Mar 2010 203

.and the African sky at night..

tSouth Africa Mar 2010 225

Sunset over Athens…

Athens Feb 2007 015

The marina at Cannes…


The harbour at Kowloon


The sun setting through the windows of Grand Central Station NYC…

Various 2007 426

Singapore harbour….

Singapore Feb 2009 018

And finally, in deference to my Welsh ancestry,  the Gower Peninsular in Wales….

Cardiff Feb 2005 028


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